The first thing to remember is to treat your marketing function with the same analytical scrutiny that you would apply to your balance sheet, the well-being and safety of your staff or the satisfaction of your customers. Too often brand marketing is undermined, marginalized or labeled as a luxury item that we can pick up or put down whenever we like. A misunderstanding that we are dealing with a vague and unscientific proposition brings about the misapprehension that marketing is a non-essential component of your business strategy. Moreover, that marketing offers only varied levels of success and is almost impossible to quantify. This is untrue.roi-funnel

Marketing should be a constant that, if handled correctly, becomes simple to manage, provides a consistent level of new business enquires and presents your company to the marketplace in an appropriate and engaging way. Your marketing strategy should enable you to test the effectiveness of your message/offer, check that the channels for delivering that message are reaching their target and measure your ratio for converting enquiries into sales. By implementing all of the above you will be able to test and measure your strategy and continuously refine and improve it.